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BEHIND THE BUSINESS: Bridgewater teen entrepreneur operates Mikka’s Sweet Tooth Candy Shoppe

It’s been just over a year since Bridgewater teenager Mikka Kaulback ventured into the business world.

With support from his dad Scott and mom Joanne, Kaulback operates Mikka’s Sweet Tooth Candy Shoppe in the South Shore Shopping Centre in Bridgewater.

“I got the idea of the business from Florida,” said Kaulback in an interview. “We used to go there in the winter. There was a little shop that we were close to that we’d go to every day and get some ice cream and they were just packed from floor to ceiling with candy. Everyone that went in there was amazed by all the candy. The guy that ran the shop was super happy and super bubbly and there was such a nice atmosphere. That’s what I wanted to bring back to Bridgewater; a small little shop out on the corner that was just full of candy.”


Kaulback stocks hundreds of different candies including old time favourites, sugar free, gluten free and vegan at the candy shop in the mall. He also does retail sales online through his website and Mikka’s Sweet Tooth Candy Shoppe Facebook page.

So far, things have been going well, said Kaulback.

“It’s pretty busy. Some days are a little slow but for the most part it’s good.”

Kaulback said people of all ages are attracted to his kiosk in the mall, which often brings back fond memories for some.

“I love to talk to customers when they have their stories about the candies they had when they were a kid and tell stories about it. I just love talking to them about that kind of stuff,” said Kaulback.

Kaulback said the among the most popular candies are Nerds.

“People tend to like the Nerds no matter what type of Nerds,” he said. “We have Nerds rope. It’s like a gummy string with Nerds all around it and they love that. We also have giant chewy Nerds and those are good too.”

When asked what his favourite candy is, Hi-Chews topped Kaulback’s list.

“They are a Japanese candy kind of like a Bonker but a bit chewier and they don’t stick to your teeth. They are really good.”

Kaulback was 14 and just going into Grade 9 when he started the candy shop.

“I’m the face of the business,” he said. “I run the physical shop and my dad places all the orders and my mother does the artsy side, the logos, the creative side of it.”

When he started the business, Kaulback said one of his intentions was to see if he was interested in the business world as a career before he actually has to get a job.

“I’m starting to like it,” he said.

Kaulback is now 15 and in Grade 10 at Park View Education Centre.

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